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Hairy School Girl Skips Off

Feb 21, 2013 Author: HoRNy Rico | Filed under: Schoolgirls


It doesn’t take much effort to convince this cute hairy school girl to skip some classes and go with you down to the dock.

Its pretty much deserted there and that’s a good place to fuck. Lisa is a hairy Russian cutie and she wants sex all the time. I would love to really find a sweet blonde like this to play with.

Lisa is slim and nice and her cunt looks very inviting when she spreads her legs, which is another thing she loves to do.

She’s a student and she loves it doggy style. Lisa is very close to being a nymphomaniac and she’s got some very nice photos and videos.

You can see all of Lisa’s excellent work at We Are Hairy.

Stoned Hairy School Girl

Feb 14, 2013 Author: HoRNy Rico | Filed under: Schoolgirls


This hairy school girl Bella made 20 galleries almost 10 years ago and she’s always nice to check out some more whether you’ve seen her before or not.

Bella is 23 years old and basically loves doing two things… smoking pot and fucking. In her personal bio regarding her sexual fantasy, she says she’d like to have 20 different lovers and to even have a baby with each. What a slut! Right now her pussy looks tight.

She’s only 4’10 and is a student from the Chicago area. She’s easy to get along with and she’d like to live pretty much anywhere she can grow pot.

I like Bella’s slim legs and the devious look she has on her face sometimes. It makes you think she might be up to something. She certainly does look she’d be a nice fuck.

You can see all of Bella’s excellent work at ATK Exotics.

Tight Hairy School Girl

Feb 7, 2013 Author: HoRNy Rico | Filed under: Schoolgirls


I really enjoyed this gallery of Johanna, not only because she has a tight hairy pussy but also because she kept the skirt on almost the whole time.

This is a cute little chick with short red hair. She’s got a tight looking pussy and she did a great job in this set.

I found this one in the young and hairy section, volume 900. There was no bio info for this girl but she does have nine galleries available. I’d do her no problem.

You can see more of Johanna at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Busty Russian School Girl

Jan 31, 2013 Author: HoRNy Rico | Filed under: Schoolgirls


I’ve always kind of liked Olga. She’s got a nice shape to her including a hairy pussy and a great set of tits.

Olga did a great job of showing off her hairy pussy in this neat school girl set which I remember as being kind of different, but very enjoyable. Did I mention that she has a great set of tits?

She’s 21 years old and she likes watching erotic movies. If that’s all it takes to put her in the mood then let’s see what’s on. She’d like to have sex in a public place and she loves to get on top.

Olga is from Russia and currently has 10 galleries available and has a current rating of 4.47 out of 5.

You can see all of Olga’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Nice Hairy School Girl

Jan 24, 2013 Author: HoRNy Rico | Filed under: Schoolgirls


This was a very nice school girl set of Ivy. She sits at her desk and spreads her legs revealing her panties under her school girl skirt, which is awesome. She’s got a nice bush and she looks quite fuckable.

She plays with her hairy pussy and fingers herself into orgasm and she also shows off her hairy armpits. I’d like to get on top.

She’s 23 years old and is from Texas. She likes it 69 and loves to get her hair pulled while she’s getting boned.

Ivy has been doing some very nice work so far. The last time I checked she had two photo sets and four videos. She’d like to get banged by three guys at once so she obviously loves to fuck alot.

You can see all of Ivy’s excellent work at We Are Hairy.

Hot Hairy Blonde

Jan 17, 2013 Author: HoRNy Rico | Filed under: Cheerleaders


Louise wants to skip cheerleader practice and take you to her dorm for a quick fuck. Who would turn that down?

This hairy cutie has been one of my many hairy favorites ever since she first came along. She’s got 10 excellent galleries and you’ll really enjoy checking out all her work.

Louise is 25 years old and has a really nice looking hairy cunt. She’s a great spreader and a very hot babe.

She likes to keep fit and socialize and she has a weakness for tall men. She’s from Glasgow and she likes to get on top.

You can see all of Louise’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy School Girl Megan

Jan 10, 2013 Author: HoRNy Rico | Filed under: Schoolgirls


When I first saw Megan she was a blonde and I liked her right away. She’s cute, slim and nice, and she has meaty pussy lips.

After she did a bunch of sets she changed her hair color and she’s still cute, but I think I prefer her blonde. Either way, she’s easily still worth fucking any day.

In this set she strips out of her skirt pretty quick but check out those nice pussy lips. Her meaty cunt always does it for me and she’s a very nice spreader too.

Megan is 18  years old and is a student. She’s from Florida and likes to fuck missionary style.

She currently has 10 galleries available and 21 movie clips, and she appears in a few of ATK’s hairy dvds. You can see her in ATK Petite & Hairy, Vol. 2, and she’s on the cover of ATK Petite & Hairy, Vol. 3.

You can see all of Megan’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy School Girl Avery

Jan 3, 2013 Author: HoRNy Rico | Filed under: Schoolgirls


This hairy little hottie Avery always looks fuckable. She’s a very cute girl and she has a nice ass and a tasty looking hairy gash.

She did a bunch of really nice sets but we haven’t seen any new work from her for too long now. She has eleven galleries and four movies but that’s never enough. I could easily rhyme off a few hundred girls from ATK Hairy that we’d all love to see more of.

Avery looks hot in this gallery and she did a nice job of lifting up her skirt. She always looks cute. And she doesn’t really even have to do anything… just spread her legs.

Here’s a cool comment that one of the members at ATK Hairy made about her… Avery is the type of female I would die for! Her slim body, beautiful black hair, dark great eyes, tiny tits with fantastic nipps and, not at least, her tight wet pussy makes me totally horny. I would fuck her all the times. Please come on baby and ride me to the climax!!!!

That was well said. You can see more of Avery’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Favorite Hairy School Girls

Dec 30, 2012 Author: HoRNy Rico | Filed under: Cheerleaders, Schoolgirls






We’ve added some pretty awesome hairy school girls and a bunch of hot hairy cheer leaders since the launch of this site and there are still many more yet to come.

After today’s post and from now on Hairy School Girl Pussy will be updated every Thursday. So check back every Thursday to see our next fuckable hairy babe.

Rather than just making an ordinary and boring announcement post just about that, I took a look back through our posts and quickly selected some of my favorite girls that we already talked about. All these girls are worth enjoying again and again and I’d have trouble narrowing even this small selection down to only three or four girls.

See you this Thursday. :)

Busty Hairy School Girl

Dec 23, 2012 Author: HoRNy Rico | Filed under: Schoolgirls


I see Simone sitting there at her school desk but that’s not really a proper school girl uniform is it? Its short enough but she should take it off.

She does a nice job of stripping out of that dress and she’s got a great set of tits on her. She’s got a nice triangle on her and a really nice cunt too. Whooah!

Simone has ten hot galleries available and has done some really nice work. She’s a student and she enjoys playing poker. She says she’d really love to finish school one day.

This chick has a 40D bust size and she likes it doggie. Simone is pretty amazing. She’s very beautiful and has some outstanding features and a great smile.

You can see all of Simone’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

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