Hairy Schoolgirls and Hairy Cheerleaders

School Girl With Hairy Gash

Aug 1, 2013 Author: HoRNy Rico | Filed under: Cheerleaders

This slim hairy cutie Elle is a fuckable looking cheerleader babe. She’s got a tight ass, a nice hairy pussy and a big looking gash.

Elle has 10 galleries and 4 movies available as well as another 10 sets at ATK Galleria. She also appeard in at least one of ATK’s hairy DVDs, and in all she’s done some fine work.

This little hottie is 20 years old and loves to spread in the bleachers. After cheerleading practice she likes to hang around late and see who’s still there.. in case that might lead to her getting lucky.

Ellie would like to have sex on top of the Eiffel Tower, and she usually likes to do it missionary style.

You can see all of Ellie’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy. Her slit looks good.

Slim Hairy Hottie School Girl

Jul 22, 2013 Author: HoRNy Rico | Filed under: Schoolgirls

Check out this cute hairy girl Anna. This little blonde hottie just got home from school and she’s in the mood to fuck! She looks hot in her blue skirt and a tie, especially when she lifts up the skirt.

Anna is slim and sweet and it would be a pleasure to bang this honey every day. This gallery appeared in the Young & Hairy section in 2006 and she’s done some great work there for sure. She still has 10 excellent galleries available.

She’s 18 years old  and loves to have a guy nibbling on her ear. She likes to fuck with her legs up in the air and she says she’d love to be stranded in the middle of a field with a stranger. Where was that again?

You can see all of Anna’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Tasty School Girl Pussy

Apr 18, 2013 Author: HoRNy Rico | Filed under: Schoolgirls

This hairy ebony cutie school girl Sunita has a really tasty looking pussy. You’ll really enjoy checking out this girl.

The official description for this set went like this… Sunitas after class relief. Added: Mar 29, 2012. 102 Photos. Description: Hairy girl Sunita’s bored after a long day of class. She tries to read and watch TV, but nothing is quite doing the trick. Suddenly, she realizes what she needs; a nice rub down will end her boredom!

A nice rub down? Really? She needs a good cunt licking and a rock hard dick up her twat. And that’s an odd looking schoolgirl uniform she’s got on but I’d still gladly do it to this honey any time.

Anyway, I think that skirt looks home made, so we should fuck. I still love that last picture. How’d you like to be down there licking her cunt for her?

Sunita is 20 years old and is from Guyana. She’s a student and she loves oral sex. She had six photo sets the last time I checked, and she says to her fans, expect a whole lot more from me. Gladly.

You can see all of Sunita’s excellent work at We Are Hairy.

Young And Hairy School Girl

Apr 11, 2013 Author: HoRNy Rico | Filed under: Schoolgirls

Check out this sophisticated looking school girl that I found in the young and hairy section. This is Ava and she kind of tricked us. She has barely enough hair on her cunt to be called hairy but she’s cute and its not all that bad.

Somebody should give her a hard deep fucking for about four hours just to teach her a lesson. She’d like that. And then she’d be waiting on your doorstep first thing in the morning looking for more.

Ava has a tight slit and says she likes hot boys. What a cock teaser! She looks pretty hot with glasses on but this is the only set available where she wears them.

She’s 25 years old and she likes it doggy style. She wants to do it at the beach with a tall, rich, handsome guy.

You can see all of Ava’s very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Time To Get Naked

Apr 4, 2013 Author: HoRNy Rico | Filed under: Schoolgirls

Veronica Jagger is so happy that school is out and she doesn’t feel like studying, either. She lifts her skirt revealing her cotton panties and then once she pulls them down, holy shit, her bush looks amazing.

And she’s very cute too. Veronica has a tight body and if that’s how she’s going to study then who wouldn’t make themselves available to help her out with that any time?

She had 8 galleries and 3 movie clips the last time I checked, and she also has another 40 galleries over at ATK Galleria including some hardcore and some lesbian scenes.

She’s 19 years old and is only 5’8 and she’d like to get fucked with a strap on. It says in her bio that she’s a waitress, but there was this one comment that one of the members made…

This is Veronica Stone – hardcore pornstar & gangbang whore. I like the way they lie in their profiles. She’s in a bunch of movies fucking 3 to 8 guys. Oh well… we already knew she’s a slut.

You can see lots more of Veronica at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy School Girl Flashes Her Cunt

Mar 30, 2013 Author: HoRNy Rico | Filed under: Schoolgirls

Sadie Lune has done some very nice work for sure. She already had alot of fans and now she appears at We Are Hairy, where she currently has six photo sets and 7 videos.

She did a great job in this hairy school girl gallery and her pussy always looks tasty. You can easily tell that she loves to show off her bush.

She’s 33 years old and she’s from California. This comment that one of the members made pretty much sums up this gallery:  Very Good set for me love her socks her skirt her pantied ass her hairy pits her hairy legs I loved really this gal she’s is so sexy she’s makes me very horny nice set good works Raven bravo.

You can see all of Sadie’s excellent work at We Are Hairy.

Sexually Agressive School Girl

Mar 22, 2013 Author: HoRNy Rico | Filed under: Schoolgirls

This is one of those rare times when I’ve noticed a school girl babe looking better with the skirt off than with it on.

Damian’s skirt is too long for my liking and she definitely looks way hotter with it off. Who’d have thought she’d be wearing that sexy red underwear and damn, she looks hot when she’s naked.

Damian likes agressive sex and she doesn’t like to piss around. She’s ready to get down to it any time, and we need more women like her in the world.

This little hottie looks quite exotic and she has a nice hairy pussy too. She loves to show it off and spread her legs. She’s also got nice tits.

Damian is  20 years old and is from California. She loves hanging out at the beach and she likes to get on top.

You can see all of Damian’s excellent work at ATK Exotics.

Hairy School Girl With Tight Slit

Mar 14, 2013 Author: HoRNy Rico | Filed under: Schoolgirls

Oh yeah… this hairy blonde looks very cute in her school girl skirt. And she looks pretty hot too, when she’s naked and spreading her hairy pussy.

She’s got a very tight looking slit. How’d you like to spin this one on your dick?

Lily is 26 years old and she’s done some very nice work. She currently has eight galleries available and her pussy looks very tasty in any position.

She likes it doggy style and would love to do it in the forest at night. Bring a blanket and a bottle of wine or something and just give it to her all night. And every weekend… while you’re helping her study.

You can see more of Lily at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Redhead School Girl Hottie

Mar 7, 2013 Author: HoRNy Rico | Filed under: Schoolgirls

This hairy school girl Arina has a really nice set of nuts. What a little hottie this chick is and her pussy looks quite tempting too.

She was added to We Are Hairy on Jun 25, 2012 and the last time I checked she had 5 photo sets + 5 videos.

Arina is a naughty school girl who loves to skip class and let boys look under her skirt. Want to see her pussy hairs poking out through her white cotton panties? Check out her hairy girl gallery!

This is a very, very beautiful girl and everybody who checks out her work loves her! Besides checking out her awesome pussy and asshole, I also enjoyed this gallery because there are plenty of nice shots of her in the skirt before she loses it and starts spreading naked. She can come over and be naughty any time!

You can see all of Arina’s excellent work at We Are Hairy.

Hairy Hottie School Girl

Feb 28, 2013 Author: HoRNy Rico | Filed under: Schoolgirls


Here’s a sweet hairy school girl who loves to spend lots of time having sex. It would be great to find a cutie like this. She could come and hang around all she wants.

Anastasia has a nice shape to her and she has a furry pussy and a nice ass. She’s from Wisconsin and she also loves getting high. One member even wrote, I wish I was as high as she looks.

This little hottie is only 5’2 and weighs less than 100 pounds. She likes to get on top and she’ll go for a spin with just about anyone who asks. Fucking sweet!

You can see all of Anastasia’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

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